I am so furious with these Argentinian judges that I thought about writing this post in Spanish but, after a second, I thought that the best way to bring shame to these judges was to extend the news as far as possible. I am sure that in Argentina the news is too known to need one more post.
The sentence of these judges is terrible because they almost blame the child for the abuse!
It is as if a judge had said in 1945: “OK, he sent those Jews to the gas chambers but that is not so bad because after all the Jews were use to that!” Who would be more Nazi, the Nazi who sent the Jews to the gas chambers or an hypothetical judge that had said that?” I almost have the feeling that these judges should stand trial too! In some way they are a kind of sympathisers of rape!


One of the first Catalan politicians to be out from the closet some decades ago was Miquel Iceta. I do not know if he is going to be candidate for president in the next elections but if he was chosen as president he would become the first gay president of Catalonia as long as I know.
But I doubt he could obtain a majority. He is too moderate. Nowadays in Catalonia and Spain in order to gain votes you have to go to extremes.

Miquel Iceta is a discreet man but I find that if he became president it would be fun
if he had a beautiful young lover next to him so that we have something to talk about. Some tall, slim and beautiful young man next to Iceta would be something to see! Or he could have a gay cabinet full of pretty politicians. He could even bring his government during summer to Sitges.

Santi Vila could be also a contender for presidency in the future, who knows. He is also a moderate inside a party that wants independence now.

Anyway, the US has a black president and we see how the American police shoots from time to time black teenagers to the horror of any civilised society. So, I wonder if a gay president would make any difference for gay rights. In the US, it almost seems as if Barack Obama was just a black curtain to hide the racism that still prevails.


I wonder how many useless blogs already exist on the Internet. By useless I mean blogs that almost nobody visits them and that even when visited the visitors never return again. I am thinking about blogs that even its own creator does not visit or edit them during months or years.
I wonder which is the cost to the planet. It cannot be very big or at least I have not heard anybody complaining about the existence of maybe millions and millions of useless blogs.
But in fact in each useless blog there is perhaps 1% or 0.001%, who knows, that is useful but so difficult to find that it is as if never existed.
And the worse is that while we are living with millions of useless blogs around us it may happen too that in the future they will disappear too all millions together! It is enough that, for example, when “kaputt” all of a sudden for millions of
blogs to disappear forever.

So, I know this is a kind of contradiction because I am worried about the existence of so many useless content but at the same time I am worried too that this useless content may disappear all of a sudden so that future generations won`t know about our currently useless contents that, after all, could be not so useless for them at least to realise we had enough spare time and will to create a lot of useless content.

Even for one person a blog can be like a very strange place because it is full of things that once one wrote but that were forgotten quite soon. You keep it for years and years always wondering what you are keeping. Then one day you look at it and you realise you kept useless and useless posts! And if they did not look so useless then you may realise they by remaining so forgotten for so long they had been quite useless for a long time.
I do not know what current students are taught at the schools of today but I think it would be a good idea to teach them to organize their things! Currently when they get old they can get millions of photos of them. How to put order in so many if you do not select them first?
And the same happens to the whole society. Each time we have more and more things, more and more photos, more and more photos. And more. But there will be a time we won’t know what we are having!
It is as if we had a fridge full of food. But so full that we do not see what we have at the end. And in fact with a lot of food that we will never eat! A fridge with so much food that we do not know what we have or best before date.


During years I have been following Eurovision and I have even put here a lot of videos from diferrents countries. But this year I am afraid I won’t be able to watch the contest.
I also know little about the songs of this year. In fact the only thing I know is that in Wienna some traffic lights show two women or two men crossing or not crssing together. I hope Vladimir Putin loves again the show. It is much better that the macho war happening in East Ukraine with thousands dead.


This is just a test. I have the suspicious that for some years Google does not show new results from this blog in its search. What should I do. Open another blog and leave this?
In any case I ocreate this post to see if I can find it later in Google. I have put the word GAYCATIONS because I doubt I used it a lot some years ago. I imagine it must refer to GAY VACATIONS.


Ja fa temps que no he trepitjat el Gaixample i em pregunto si seguirà viu. Suposo que sí. De fet me’n recordat del Gaixample pel fet que ha sortit pel que es veu una propaganda falsa del PP que suposadament no volia guetos homosexuals.

Suposo que hi haurà gent gai que viu al Gaixample però jo més bé ho veig com un lloc anb un hotel gai, unes saunes gais i uns quants bars i botigues gais.

Ara que parlo del Gaixample em ve al cap aquesta església que hi ha en una cantonada amb la seva magnífica torre i espero que encara amb alguna palmera al voltant.

També me’n recordo de la sèrie GAYXAMPLE que vaig seguir amb tant d’interès.


Being Barcelona such a gay-friendly city and being FC BARCELONA or BARÇA such an important club you may think that Barça has always being against homophobia but in fact it is the first time I hear such news. Until now, the only news I had from Barça was just having ads from Qatar. Not precisecily a gay-friendly emirate.
So, congratulations to Barça. It is almost ten years I have been protesting about the fact that Barcelona did nothing against homophobia but at last I hear good news.
Anyway, homophobic people can always look at the big letters in the tshirt that say Qatar and find themselves in paradise.


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